Travis is a New York City based photographer



Vogue  I  Runway: Louis Vuitton & Olivier Saillard  I  October 2017

Slate Magazine  I  Slate Custom: LL Bean Ad Spot  I  October 2017

Off The Rails Magazine  I  Beauty: Artist Profile  I  September 2017

Vice  I  Creators Project: Last Chance Artist Profile  I  July 2017

The New York Times  I  Theatre: Artist Profile  I  December 2016

Blackbook Magazine  I  Culture: Artist Profile  I  March 2017

Slate Magazine  I  Slate Custom: Prudential Insurance Ad Spot  I  August 2016

Feetrica Magazine  I  Beauty:  Artist Profile  I  February 2017

Bitch Media  I  Culture: Artist Profile  I  October 2016

Newspaper Association Of America  I  30 under 30 in Journalism: Artist Profile I  August 2016

SMTX Magazine  I  Arts & Leisure: Artist Profile(s)  I  September 2015



The Living Gallery Outpost, NY NY  I  Anyone, Anywhere II  I  April 2018

The Long Gallery, NY NY  I  Available body; Zachary Richardson  I  January 2018

The Atrium, BK NY  I  Anyone, Anywhere  I  December 2017

Glasshouse, BK NY  I  Last Chance  I  May 2017

B&H Photo Event Space, NY NY  I  Lecture: Documenting the human experience (Speaker)  I  October 2016

Yeiser Art Center, Paducah KY  I  On Hallowed Ground  I  July 2016 


Travis is currently an in-house photographer at Hivewild